About us

OPEN Health is a healthcare communications and market access group. It is made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses, that individually are experts in their own fields. Currently, we are a group of around 300 people, operating across a wide range of disciplines. We work with all of the world’s top 40 pharmaceutical companies, as well as many device, diagnostic and healthcare delivery organisations, from small start-ups to major multinationals at a UK, regional and global level.

Through our ‘no walls’ approach to collaboration, OPEN Health brings together the most appropriate team to develop and deliver the best solutions for our clients. 

Our Philosophy is simple

We want to employ and retain great people; people who are insightful, creative, passionate, bright and loyal.

We know that great people do great work, and our single-minded objective is to do fantastic work and excite and delight our clients.

We also want to have fun along the way; we want our staff and clients to enjoy the experience of working together.

And we know that if we get all of these things right we will be a successful and profitable company.

Our Approach

In a complex, competitive world of evidence-based medicine and market access challenges, it’s time to remove the boundaries between data and analytics, scientific expertise, creativity and digital know-how. 

We like to work as partners with our clients. Ideally, we like to understand your business challenges and put together the most appropriate people from around our group to deliver innovative, compelling and practical solutions. Sometimes this may involve several of our companies working together, but quite often clients start off just working with one of our teams in a specific area.

Our Group

  • Open Health

    OPEN Health
    is a close-knit, connected, collaborative group of specialist businesses, covering every aspect of healthcare communications and market access.

  • Open Access

    OPEN Access Consulting works in partnership with the life-sciences industry in the development and delivery of value strategies for medicines, devices and diagnostics throughout the product life cycle. Our high-calibre, experienced team works at a Global, European and UK level to ensure that all stakeholders involved in decisions to fund, prescribe and deliver products and services are considered. Our aim is to ensure that a robust programme of activities is created and implemented to optimise uptake of a product.

    At OPEN Access Consulting, we recognise that demonstrating value is getting tougher and that there is a requirement from payers, physicians and patients for stronger, more compelling supporting evidence. Our unique market access offering works closely in partnership with our OPEN Health sister companies to ensure the entire value strategy and market access programme is underpinned with the right data, at the right time, to drive a change in practice.

  • Lec

    LEC is the creative, advertising and brand communications practice within OPEN Health. We specialise in launching and revitalising healthcare brands. Within the past 12 months, we’ve successfully launched a number of exciting new brands across Europe and the emerging markets. We are strategically strong, strive for creative excellence, focus on bringing brands to life and always try to be more innovative and imaginative than before. Digital runs through the agency from interactive iPad sales tools to complex e-detailing programmes that have the ability to sell without a sales force.

    Our aim is simple: To inspire and amaze our clients and audiences.

  • Succinct

    Succinct brings science to life. We deliver publications, independent medical education and medical communications across the product lifecycle, at strategic and operational levels. 

    Our highly qualified, passionate teams provide deep scientific insight and communications expertise. We get straight to the heart of complex challenges and provide clarity, vision and forward-thinking solutions which drive peer-to-peer conversations among healthcare professionals.

  • Reynolds Mackenzie

    Reynolds-MacKenzie boasts a formidable team of campaign developers. We’re the creative force behind many high-impact healthcare campaigns of recent years. It’s our unparalleled expertise and ability to look beyond the obvious that sets us apart. Having won numerous social media awards, our ability to combine traditional media with new channels allows for very focussed and powerful delivery.

  • The Earthworks

    The EarthWorks is a marketing communications agency with digital at its core, formed to help pharmaceutical companies build better relationships not just build digital assets.

    The fast changing marketing, communications, media and technology landscape in healthcare requires a different type of agency with strategic insight and innovation at the heart of what it does.

    We want to work in partnership with a small number of clients to deliver vision, thought leadership and highly effective, award-winning solutions that deliver your business objectives and improve people’s lives.

  • Harvey Walsh

    Harvey Walsh is a leading supplier of bespoke IT solutions, healthcare intelligence and consultancy services to the NHS, pharmaceutical and device industries.

    Our strength is our people – the Harvey Walsh team consists of a broad range of experience  from both the NHS and Commercial experience.

    Everything we do is powered by exceptional data. Our bespoke data warehouse AXON a powerful and comprehensive data warehouse housing NHS and allied health data - this NHS data is pseudonymised and non-sensitive.

    Creating intelligent insights and narrative to improve the healthcare of patients with multiple big data sources requires exceptional analytical capabilities and knowledge; Harvey Walsh delivers this for our clients in every project from Pathway Mapping for HTA submissions, through to web based NICE Implementation Toolkits to aid discussions with local Commissioners.

  • pH Associates

    pH Associates is a strategic real world data consultancy that works in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, NHS and academia on Real World Data (RWD) projects that drive an improvement in healthcare delivery.  pH has been recognised as a leader in the RWD arena for more than 15 years, with 350 RWD projects successfully delivered and more than 50 publications in the area.

    Demonstrating value is getting tougher with requirements to provide stronger, more compelling evidence to stakeholders.  We have an expert team who can help identify your RWD needs and identify the right dataset and analyses to support these throughout the product lifecycle. Our projects utilise existing data where available; where existing data are unavailable we lead the field in the design and implementation of robust studies and evaluation projects to generate data to demonstrate the impact of services and interventions in clinical practice.

  • Accretio

    Accretio is a group of experienced and passionate marketers that love brand optimisation (getting the most out of each and every brand).

    We partner with selected healthcare companies to manage and invest in their non-focus brands, leveraging our expertise and infrastructure to unlock the brand's full potential.

    We understand that in a world of limited time and resources companies need to focus to deliver returns. As a result there are a number of non-focus brands that are 'sitting on the shelf', and may not be realising their full value for the patients and the healthcare company. We want that to change.