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Culture is crucial to us because our business is built on the people we employ

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We employ great people

We are all about people. We want to attract the brightest and best to our teams, and we want to reward excellence wherever we see it. With a fluid, flexible structure you can build a career at OPEN Health that allows you to shine. Talents are recognised, encouraged and developed, while a broad, adaptable training programme is on hand to fill in knowledge gaps and help you achieve even more.

We invest in our staff, personally and professionally, with a range of policies including a pension scheme, medical insurance, an employee 24hr helpline, health screening and more.

We excite and delight our clients

We are proud of the work we do here; from the boldest innovations and new concepts down to the finest detail, nothing less than great will do. Most of our business is repeat, referral or organic growth, so we can be confident that our clients love what we do and love to work with us.

We have fun!

We take our work seriously, but we know that a happy, connected workforce is a productive workforce. Parties, treats, wellness initiatives and socials are all part of showing our appreciation of the fantastic work that OPEN Health people do every day.

For a peek behind the scenes, follow @weareopenhealth on Instagram.

@openhealthsocial on Instagram
@openhealthsocial on Instagram

And lastly, we make money

OPEN Health has grown from 4 people to over 300 people in 10 locations worldwide, but our ambitions reach even further. We know that if we employ great people, do great work, and look after our staff and clients, we’ll be even more successful and profitable.

Get on board with a company that’s really going places, and see how your career could take off.

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